St. Johns

a hospital transformed into 186 beautiful new homes

St. Johns

St. Johns

Built in 1852, St Johns Hospital was left vacant and derelict for over 25 years, before being purchased by Mabec.

A couple of years later, this attractive listed limestone faced building is in the process of being converted into over 100 large houses and apartments, with over 75 new build houses in the 18 acre grounds.

The building has a rich history and once sat in a 120 acre estate of farms and sports facilities.  The site even had its own large theatre and a water tower that could be seen for miles  (take a look at the film of its demolition in the summer of 2014).

The project has been a challenge and the building is vast in an institutional scale – the gutter is some 2.3 km long! The skills, effort and investment brought to bear by Mabec are, however, now becoming evident as the attention given to the listed building and its setting, starts to respond by delivering a truly unique environment.

Care is taken to present the new build houses in keeping with the grand Italian style of the former hospital, and Mabec’ mantra of building “a home, not merely a house number” is clearly evident.  One  unique feature of the development, is that no one dwelling in the listed property is the same as another; from vast and cathedral like rooms, to the family snug – plenty of choice for the purchaer looking for the exciting and individual home.

With the third phase of development about to start, to add to the 40 plus dwellings so far completed, the quality of the environment that Mabec has been working hard to release is now being realised.

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